Girl in Black was my very first weblog, created in July 2000 as a way for me to try out blogging. At the time, I was working as instructional computing support staff at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, and had the time and motivation to maintain the weblog on a daily basis. Luckily for me, it stuck for a few years.

Weblogging back in the day helped me to hone my writing voice, connect with like-minded people, and acquire mad skillz. I blogged about local and national events of the day, wrote about experiences I had finishing my undergraduate degree at Purdue, and did a lot of drunk blogging.

For a time after I resumed my undergraduate degree objective, I became a photoblogger, posting via the Flickr email-to-blog gateway. I discovered microblogging via Twitter over Winter Break 2006 and my weblog fell silent as a result. Now it’s back, imported from Blogger to WordPress. Hopefully the habit will stick again.

Me in an elevator pitch: I have two creative writing degrees, a smartphone, and live in the greatest town in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

For more about me and my writing, visit my website at http://www.josettetorres.com or follow me on Twitter at @girlinblack.

-Josette Torres
Blacksburg, Virginia
12 May 2013

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