I have watched with interest the conference hashtags for the 2014 Annual Conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, currently taking place in Seattle. I am especially intrigued by AWP’s endorsement of conference tweeting, up to and including the possibility of being an “official” livetweeter of conference panels, as represented in the #AWP14 Tweet Sheet.

Two years ago, when I last attended AWP in Chicago, I was taking a graduate course on Culture, Politics, & Society in Network Environments. It seemed obvious to me to write a paper on my conference-going-and-tweeting experience. It also seemed obvious to me that I should write said paper sitting in the Hyatt Regency Chicago hotel lobby late at night while drinking moscato and Red Bull from to-go coffee cups liberated from my hotel room’s hospitality table, so that’s what I did. Below, for your entertainment, is the paper in full.

Twitter Hashtag as Protocological Control at #AWP12
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