I remember re-reading my readmission application essay last fall when I was in the process of crafting statements of purpose for graduate school applications and thinking How naive was I? Oh God this is embarrassing but now, a week from taking my last Purdue final examination ever, this particular graf sticks out like the faded remnants of the bruise on my left leg from that porch incident:

i feel that the CPT program would round out my computer education, and provide me with the rest of the skills necessary to embark on a career in the still-booming information technology field; however, i still find writing a good outlet for my creativity, and have partially fulfilled the requirements for that degree. i don’t see any reason why i shouldn’t continue with that degree objective.

Clearly that plan worked out well, in the sense that it did not work out at all how I originally intended.

Speaking of writing–and this is really here for my benefit and the usual “transparency” purposes–here’s the tentative reading order for next Wednesday:
Purdue workshop poems (or, “My thesis. Let me show you it.”)
Ekphrasis Challenge/NaPoWriMo poems
[a brief intermission]
I am Trying to be Chill

I think it would help if I started drafting that essay. Or, I could drop $30 on a spicy shrimp bowl at Tony’s instead. Both are excellent options.

Today is the first day I’ve been a full-time Purdue student and ONLY a
full-time Purdue student in eons.

It feels strange not to have a job, but at the same time I’m pretty excited. And also, scared out of my mind.

In three weeks or so I’ll be in Virginia and, to quote a Jay McInerney
last line, I will have to learn everything all over again. That’s far
and away the most frightening prospect of graduate school for me.
I really don’t relish the idea of leaving this comfortable Downtown
Lafayette life I’ve carved out for myself. I could stand in front of
the toy shop on Main Street and wait for the trolley for the rest of my
life if I wanted. I could go downstairs every Thursday and order vodka
gimlets and steak frites and hit a certain level of vague contentment.

But I came to the decision months ago that nothing in this life would
help me to grow as a writer. And so I’m trading it all in.

As a dry run for graduate school and a farewell to my undergraduate institution, I’ll be displaying my complete lack of stage presence at a public reading at Skylight Coffeehouse in Downtown Lafayette on Wednesday, August 1st at 7:00 p.m. I’ll be reading some of my poetry and a new non-fiction piece tentatively titled “I am Trying to Be Chill.” Please come out and have tea.

For those of you in the readership who need tips on how to write a resignation letter, here’s a sample I finished drafting earlier this afternoon:

July 2, 2007


I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning my Site Operator VIII position as of July 20, 2007.

In early August, I will be graduating from Purdue; shortly thereafter, I will be moving to Blacksburg, Virginia to attend the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

The opportunities for professional growth offered to me by Information Technology at Purdue have been greatly appreciated. I take away experiences from Purdue, both as a full-time employee and an undergraduate student, which will be useful in my future academic career. I hold ITaP and Purdue in very high regard and am proud to have contributed to the academic and research missions of the University.