[NaPoWriMo poem #9. Yes, it’s a day late. Sue me.]

25 Things I’ll Miss About Purdue

Phosphates at the Sweet Shop. Empty lecture
halls at five in the morning. The incline
in the sidewalk from the Boilermaker
statue to Mackey Arena. Texas
Straw Hats from the dorm cafeteria.
Walking from Purdue West back to campus.
Bunk beds pushed together in Harrison,
the sounds of Hillenbrand Hall construction
tumbling into the open windows while
we slept. The first day the fountains are turned
on. The Memorial Mall, abandoned
during the dog days of Maymester. Books
stacked on shelving carts in HSSE, waiting
to go back out on the floor. The home stretch
of lab open, and the scrumptious muffins
waiting for me at Stone when I finished.
Monday morning shopping therapy, with
bonus eighteen hour sleepfests. Almost
getting tear gassed while trying to perform
my assigned duties. Words I composed on
the front page of The Exponent. White noise
wrapping itself around me, drowning out
conversation in the machine room. Black
and gold as far as the eye can see. Von’s
Shops. Iced mochas from Vienna. Pocky
from the Food Mart. Making out in Fowler
House with someone else’s boyfriend. Riding
the trolley back downtown after a long
day of classes. My second poetry
workshop with Marianne, and my first with
Mary Leader. Asking your name, even
though I already knew it, then kissing
you again. A non-descript webcam stuck
into a corner in your office. That
look you gave me as we walked away from
each other in the hallway the other
day, that told me you already knew
the secret I was holding close to me.