‘i didn’t die!’

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the three states in which poems can be, as described by don platt in today’s ENGL 396H creative writing honors workshop.

to explain this photo further: i’m taking a creative writing honors workshop with don this semester. in a few days, the poetry students in the class will have conferences with him regarding various poetic-type issues and whatnot. he asked that we bring all our poems. he wrote the list pictured above while explaining what to bring.

this is my paraphrase of that blackboard: “near completion/”solid”” describes poems that we feel are our best work. “in process” are poems that we’re in the process of crafting. “?” would be poems that, in my words, are complete trainwrecks that may be worth cannibalizing for parts. as a working poet, i have poems that fall into all three categories. looks like i’m going to be doing a lot of printing.