so i may or may not have did a bad thing a few weeks ago but i’m not sure if i was the person that instigated the bad thing because TECHNORATI WHAT and hush hush keep it down now voices carry and well i don’t know if i had the flashpoint card to drop but regardless the bad thing is done and busted and we have eight weeks to go, eight weeks to go, and everything is ruined and maybe it’s not ruined but it’s definitely not as transparent as it was and now i say ‘what’ because what else is there to say, really? once upon a time i had an IU application in front of me and i never finished it and now i am almost twice that age and drink hurricanes from glass jars and think about what could have been and i talk to people and tell them things they should know, that they should have been told, and my faith in certain academic disciplines has been shaken and in a perfect world i would have tenure by now but instead i sit here watching kill bill volume 1 yet again and i think booyah skeedaddy.

i think when i get my bachelor’s degree next year i may move to new orleans, graduate school or no. that seems like my kind of place.