i saw ann coulter speak at loeb playhouse on the gloriously wet purdue campus tonight. she seems nice, but she was late, very late, and she only spoke for 45 minutes. i thought republicans were for responsible fiscal spending? bringing in an outside speaker for $30,001-50,000 and then having her arrive in west lafayette at least three hours late due to weather and travel problems is, i think, not a very wise use of funds. why not have indiana governor mitch daniels next time? he’d probably do it just to take his harley out for a spin on I-65.

EDIT [2.50am 18/2]: i wish she would have talked about more current events. she’s still fixated on the 2004 election and ward churchill and bill clinton. we did get brief interludes on dick cheney shooting a guy and the mohammed cartoons, but she could have done so much more. oh well.

earlier this afternoon, i happened to catch a bit of MSNBC’s olympic recap show, hosted by my #1 bowtie fetish guy tucker carlson. judging from the first 30 minutes, it looks like potential trainwreck television i’ll be taping obsessively. i have no idea which suit in secaucus thought using tucker’s considerable talents at munging teleprompter scripts and being tactless to present torino total coverage was a good idea, but i owe them a bottle of fine wine as soon as possible. i can’t wait to watch my tape of tucker curling.

also, i really need TiVo.

from the ‘weblogs that don’t make any sense whatsoever’ department comes Clearcut, a blog documenting an ongoing purge of ephemeria and sundry and what i have foolishly undertaken. i am saying right out that not being able to make heads or tails of it is par for the course. also, those allergic to me using proper capitalization will probably freak out.

i heart nerds.

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a flyer for the SPS lounge in PHYS 110.