oh, and i guess i should mention i’ve switched from my cellphone to my powerbook, on which i don’t think i’ve ever done serious drunk blogging. the machine i used to do all my drunk blogging from, a windows 98 box handed down from an ex, is sitting maybe three feet away. it’s pretty much useless since i don’t have a landline and don’t want to deal with fucking around with the ethernet card. in fact, i’d like to drop it out a window. but first i have to clear off the hard drive, which is difficult if you keep forgetting to do so.

i have a date next tuesday with another ex–in fact, he’s mentioned in one of the first entries of this weblog–and the only reason i have this date at all is because i ran into him by chance and i have two tickets to a dance concert burning a hole in my desk. and the only reason i have two tickets to a dance concert burning a hole in my desk is really not all that important to go into, but you can fucking guess, right? i get myself into ridiculous and sad situations i can’t extricate myself from on a regular basis. you think i would have learned by now. i already cried myself out about it a year or so ago so i don’t see what the fucking problem is here. maybe i just expected too much. and as usual, i end up with nothing, or in this case, a whole fucking mess of ceded space and a wardrobe full of hooded windshirts, among other things. okay, maybe that’s overstating things. maybe. i doubt it, though.

also, i need to give major propz to my pal liza of copy, right? for turning me on to VH1 classic. my cable company finally acquired this channel a few weeks ago and i am hopelessly addicted. i mean, when the first video one sees is by the cure and the second is by kate bush? no contest, really.