we interrupt these pictures to bring you some words:

‘request a photo of purdue month’ just got taken to the next level by the most excellent purdue student behind blogging purdue. a few days ago he posted a picture challenge list of photographs he’d like to see on this weblog. some of the challenges are nigh impossible–how i’m going to gain access to dr. jischke’s office and find a virgin on the west lafayette campus is beyond me–and some of them are just downright strange. i’m going to have lots of fun trying to track all of them down, though i’ll tell you upfront i probably won’t be able to finish the entire list.

personal to tippecanoe and neil: i have not forgotten about your requests, i’ve just been mad busy. you will see your request posted soon. anyone else who wants me to document some obscure part of the purdue campus or the lafayette-west lafayette area can send their requests to tankgirl at gmail dot com.

in completely unrelated news, apparently i was mentioned in passing in a story on indiana bloggers that appeared in this past sunday’s fort wayne journal-gazette. i have been busy trying not to drown in my ocean of coursework and totally didn’t know about this until tonight. whoa. from the article:

One of the state’s more popular sites has nothing to do with government — and not really much, these days, about words. Girlinblack’s most recent posts are simply series of photographs.

now, i wasn’t aware i was popular, my #1 ranking on blogindiana notwithstanding. i don’t get a whole lot of hit traffic, and i am fine with that. but i guess everyone is famous for 15 people nowadays, so hello to all the fort wayne peepz stopping by. if you want to read actual words, check out my archives.