at dinner tonight, justin and i decided that the 25 things to do at purdue before you graduate list reprinted on the front page of today’s dead-tree purdue exponent needed to become a meme. his answers are here and here’s mine. the things i’ve done are in bold, the xpo’s description in italics and my comments in [brackets]:

25 things to do at purdue before you graduate

run through the fountainpurdue almost ended this tradition, but not before outraged alumni and a giant metal cylinder saved it. playing in purdue’s fountains is a tradition that’s here to stay. [i was lucky to run through the engineering mall fountain before they neutered it. the loeb fountain near BRNG is a nice place to hang out and study during the waning days of spring semesters.]

go sledding on slayter hill – don’t have a sled? don’t worry, popular substitutes include lunch trays, laundry baskets and garbage bags. [i have no desire to do this. snow is cold!]

spend the day at harry’s chocolate shopgoing to purdue and not going to harry’s is like going to the ocean and not getting wet. whether you drink or not, harry’s is a purdue institution. [i’ve been here a few times, but i haven’t closed the place down, and i am fine with that.]

dress up for breakfast clubtake advantage of that leisure suit in your parents’ closet and join the party. what else is there to do at 6 on a saturday morning? [i don’t know … SLEEP? i’ve been to breakfast club once and that was more than enough, though i will not begrudge my fellow boilermakers the right to get stupid drunk early on a saturday.]

shake president jischke’s hand – a tireless promoter of all things boilermaker, seek him out, shake his hand and thank him for his guidance. [i’ve only witnessed the MC jischke world tour once in a small group setting. it’s actually kind of surprising that i haven’t met him yet considering the number of on-campus appearances he does and how i manage to be in fifty places at once sometimes.]

eat thanksgiving dinner at the residence hallturkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. usually held on the thursday before thanksgiving, it’s the kind of meal you write home about. [i’m pretty sure i ate this meal at terry courts Back In The Day. hopefully i’ll remember to hit up one of the dining courts come november.]

attend a women’s basketball gameeven though the football and men’s basketball teams get most of the attention, the women’s basketball team is the real deal. [give it up for stephanie white, the best player ever to come out of seeger high school and a former lady boilermaker.]

write a letter to the editorwant to be heard on campus? write a letter to the editor of the exponent. no topic’s taboo – squirrels, homosexuality and politics are always popular. [or bitching about mix tapes as seen here.]

attend grand prixgo-karts. parties. end of semester. need we say more? [people don’t actually GO to the kart race, do they? i refuse to believe this. and who has time to drink when projects and papers are due?]

get a milkshake at pappy’sa purdue tradition since the union opened, a pappy’s milkshake is the perfect way to celebrate. [i miss the phosphates too! also, when the staff started recognizing me after going in there for dinner a gazillion times, i became very frightened.]

tailgate before a football game – a picnic with wheels, purdue tailgating is as much of a tradition as the football game itself. when else can a cold beverage, a pack of hot dogs and a charcoal grill make a meal taste so good? [how about at a decent hour of the day? there’s no way i’m rolling out for tailgating, ever. sorry. don’t get me wrong, i love grilling, but it’s too early in the damn morning. i don’t care if mitch daniels is there, i’m not going.]

take a road trip for spring breaksometimes, west lafayette seems a million miles from nowhere. spring break is the time to prove it. grab some friends, pile in the car and hit the road. four days later, turn around and come back. [does going home count? i hope it counts. i don’t have time to do spring break anymore.]

have breakfast special at XXXeggs, toast, potatoes, meat – served almost anyway you want them. at 3 a.m., it’s the best meal in west lafayette and a testament to the staying power of indiana’s oldest drive-in restaurant. [it goes without saying that i have done this. also, the duane purvis all-american burger rules. respect the peanut butter!]

attend a callout for the free pizzathere may be no such thing as a free lunch, but attending a student organization’s callout strictly for the free pizza and soft drinks is the next best thing. [also, PMU catering food rocks the club and i try to enjoy it whenever possible.]

skip classsomewhere on this campus is a person who has never missed a day of class. we applaud your efforts, but knock it off. skipping class should never be a priority, but how often is there a sunny friday afternoon? get out there and enjoy it. [don’t skip too many or else the university will tell you to Go Away And Come Back Later.]

visit bruce barker, the piano manwest lafayette’s one man show, bruce barker has been entertaining at the neon cactus for years. lift your cup, sing along and don’t get called on stage. [i actually broke down and went to the cactus on a crock-n-rock thursday last semester, which qualifies as A Start.]

rub lincoln’s nosereportedly a purveyor of good luck, rubbing the nose on the bust of abraham lincoln in the north wing of the union has been a tradition of many worried students. [and it really works!]

go to an IU-PU basketball game – one of the biggest rivalries in college basketball, the indiana-purdue basketball game is your chance to really show how you really feel about the hoosiers. [waitwaitwait. how could i not have done this?! i’m gonna go throw a chair.]

pull an all-nightera college tradition, the all-nighter is usually fueled by gallons of coffee, a fear of failing and a penchant for procrastination. leaving purdue without staying up all night studying at least once isn’t getting your money’s worth. save your sleeping for class. [welcome to the last two weeks of every semester. here, have a red bull.]

spit a cricket at bug bowlspitting not your thing? don’t worry, with cockroach races, chocolate-covered grasshoppers and fried mealworms, bug bowl is sure to have something to satisfy your hunger for adventure. [oh no. oh no no no no no no no. nfw.]

attend the PMO christmas showwhether you’re jewish, muslim, hindu or christian, the christmas show should be celebrated for what it is – a great show put on by the kids who sit next to you in class. support them. [the one time i went? a guy i had a crush on was in the show. it was worth it.]

go ice skating at tapawingo park – the ice rink is the perfect way to enjoy the winter climate. [how did something so new get on this list? i guess this bumped the nude olympics or attending a frat party in tower acres …]

watch the glee clubthe varsity glee club might be the most entertaining student organization at purdue. with their perfect harmonies and crazy antics, you’ll forget every glee club joke you’ve ever heard. [did i mention they’re hot? they’re hot!]

stand during the football gamestanding in the student section at ross-ade stadium should be a prerequisite for getting a purdue degree. get to the game, dance to the band, cheer on the team, and show some school spirit – you’ll never be able to buy tickets so cheaply again. [this is very true. have you seen ticket prices lately? owwwww.]

walk at graduation – for four or five years you’ve hoofed it all over purdue’s campus. dust off the shoes and take a couple extra steps – graduation is your day, enjoy it with your classmates by walking across the elliott hall of music stage and getting your degree. [2007 … 2007 … 2007 …]