damn, the DNC‘s over. now the blogosphere everyone has to go back to blogging about RSS dust-ups and rumored apple products.

also, could someone please PLEASE get the perfecto mix of U2’s ‘beautiful day’ to the kerry-edwards campaign? i’m really tired of listening to the album version.

purdue women’s basketball player hannah anderson has an awesome summer job as a runner for NBC news during the political conventions:

I was in the control unit observing the directors and producers practicing for Nightly News. Out of nowhere, the director asked me to run up to the anchor booth to be Tim Russert’s stand in. They needed someone to sit in the desk so they could work on camera angles and other “blocking” for the show. Well, I had to run to the FleetCenter, go through security, and scamper up five flights of stairs (thank goodness I wore my tennis shoes)! Once up there and incredibly out of breath (don’t tell Coach Curry), I found my way to the anchor booth. The floor director put a mic on me and had me sit while he adjusted lighting, my seat, etc. Well, not five minutes passed before Tom Brokaw came in and sat down next to me! I didn’t know I was going to be blocking for Nightly News WITH Tom; I thought it was just going to be random people sitting at the desk! So, as Tom ran through his news program, I pretended to be Tim, and we had such a blast. When Tom was done with his part, I got to chat with Brian Williams for a while.

what i want to know is: how does one pretend to be tim russert?

from the ‘pimpin’ ain’t easy but somebody’s gotta do it at the DNC’ file comes this, courtesy of a quick-thinking C-SPAN camera operator [via finnegan]:

don't try to act like you don't know where i've been, governor!  in the senate all the time, governor--it's about to pop off!

if you’re a purdue student, PLEASE go to SSINFO and update your emergency contact information. you don’t realize how important this is until you need it for someone else.