exponential proves that there is life after basketball:

former andrean HS standout and boilermaker point guard carson cunningham is now a PhD student in american history and a TA for HIST 152 this summer.

[Carson] enjoys teaching the class and says he doesn’t think many of his students know of his participation in the basketball program.

"I go off on my tangents and I think they just think I’m odd," he said.

Purdue basketball fans might agree with that assessment, especially after he sported a hairstyle that earned him the nickname Teen Wolf, but his former coach, Gene Keady, has a different opinion.

"He was highly motivated; he really enjoyed playing," Keady said. "He was a guy I enjoyed coaching because he was intelligent and he was just fun to be around. One of the things he enjoyed about me was I was very honest with him. It’s great to see him teaching now and getting his Ph.D." ...

[Carson] ... has a deep love for history ... and relishes being able to share some of his favorite characters from U.S. history, such as Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt, with his students.

"I’d say the most interesting part is the responses I get from students during a lecture — after maybe one of my grandiose statements, sometimes students look at me and I want to say, ‘Did you have a late night? Please snap to,’ and other times they seem really engaged and involved, and that’s the goal of teaching ... It’s a skill and I’m just getting started; it’s fun to read students and find out what works and what didn’t."

Cunningham plans to keep teaching and working on his dissertation, but his old coach has higher aspirations for him.

"I’m just very proud of him and hope he becomes president of Purdue someday," Keady said.

whoa. carson as an university president. dude, that would be awesome. i should start a silent campaign now.

in other news, looks like we won’t be getting iTunes on campus anytime soon … your son coming down with pinkeye is one of the greatest reasons to ask for an extension on final projects ever … and i can’t wait for a campus bar to sue a patron for using a fake ID to gain entrance.

what i learned at movement 2004:

raver trash = no
hard techno = yes
ambient made on powerbook G3s = omfg

i don’t want to go home. time to find a creative writing MFA program in lower michigan or ontario …