it’s dead week at purdue. nobody is innocent.

high-maintenance engineers.
high-maintenance baristas.

this is why i own a 30G iPod. give it up for the RDF!

saturday morning, i will be taking part in ‘una lectura quijotesca/a quixotic reading,’ a marathon reading of miguel de cervantes’ novel don quixote in english and spanish at the purdue memorial union. both readings are being streamed on the web via windows media player. i am scheduled to read at 1.25am CDT indiana time, but the english reading is currently 5-10 minutes fast, so i may be butchering one of the world’s greatest novels earlier than expected.

also, the MC jischke world tour will be making an appearance to read in english ~12.50pm tomorrow afternoon. i know what my lunch plans are!

i was notified today i won the martha mckinney undergraduate award for poetry in the 73rd annual literary awards competition. does this mean i’m a professional poet now?