uh, hi?

i won’t say that i’m back because, to be honest, i was never really away. i was simply not here.

looking back through the archives of this weblog, i am rather disheartened at how freely some words and ideas were thrown around. needless to say, this has been corrected. we have all witnessed persons taking fatal shots to the chest for lesser things posted. there’s no need for discussion on this point.

as for now, there are a number of topics that will simply not be addressed here. other places are reserved for such talk.

also, comments will not be allowed. i am not interested in engaging community or participating in dialogue. i am interested in words forming sentences forming text forming etc. i am interested in blogging old-school style, no trackbacks or blogrolls, no technorati or blogdex. there may be an RSS feed if you’re a good boy and behave.

if you really want an update on what’s happened since the last time i posted here: mostly, there was a lot of sighing.