my clearcutting efforts at the palace have had an effect on my wardrobe again … i’ve taken to wearing some of my vast collection of music-related t-shirts.

it all started two days ago when i unearthed a joy division t-shirt i don’t even remember buying, and immediately put it on. usually, i don’t wear t-shirts because i think they’re a bit on the sloppy side, but i didn’t have any appearances scheduled, so it didn’t seem critical to dress in my usual old navy gothwear.

i kept it going yesterday by wearing the classic zero t-shirt, popularized by the smashing pumpkins, underneath a wool sweater. it seemed a fitting choice, since i felt like a zero yesterday.

today’s offering is a simple white t-shirt promoting northwestern university’s college radio station, WNUR, that i probably picked up during one of my many excursions to gramaphone back in the day. i don’t think i’ve worn it in years, probably because it’s a bit on the small side. however, it’s quite comfy, so it might work its way into the regular rotation.

i wonder how many days i can keep this up before i get bored with it.

oh no, i’m not done yet … have you seen the keyboards for the machines at the LAEB bar station? icky! when were these cleaned last, 1994? screw it, i’m scrubbing them just for the hell of it.

just when ev thought he was in the clear … blogger fell victim to some haXoring. well, that sucks, especially the part about going to a kinko’s in des moines, iowa in search of a broadband connection. actually, that doesn’t suck too much now that i think about it. shame the local kinko’s is out in the hinterlands, or i’d try that myself, out of sheer boredom.

memo to the 128.210.135/176.* members of the readership: oh, you couldn’t find the clipboard with the lab cleaning list again? right, i believe that … or not.


last i checked, stabbing westward and nine inch nails made festive holiday mus–wait, it’s not halloween? does that mean my joy division ‘love will tear us apart’ t-shirt is a fashion faux paus? well, i wasn’t planning on leaving the house again today, so who’s going to notice?

my all-time favorite xmas songs

prince, ‘another lonely christmas’

wham!, ‘last christmas’

mark kozelek’s cover of bing crosby’s ‘white christmas’

low, christmas EP — it’s a favorite of ian’s, too

mark eitzel, ‘xmas lights spin’

U2, ‘christmas (baby please come home)’

band aid, ‘do they know it’s christmas?’

i know i’m forgetting at least one or two others …

the eighties pop act test said i was … 60% eighties pop act?!?!?!?! it went to on describe me as such: ‘You are Tone Loc: You were all the rage in the eighties with your baloon pants, and head bands, but now you have moved quietly to your new life, and you don’t keep in touch with your friends from that time. Go listen to Janet Jackson CDs.’

uh. i don’t listen to janet jackson CDs. the tone loc part was pretty funny, though.