i don’t post on my days off … i sleep instead.

saturday night’s rock t-shirt is one of my favorites, commemorating a ‘rock against racism’ concert two long-since-dead purdue student organizations held in the union ballrooms on halloween night, 1986. the band that played that night, east of eden, is one of my all-time favorite indiana bands.

they didn’t put out many records: a 7″ under another name, and a vinyl EP titled murder red window. after graduation, the band moved to LA to make it big, never did, and broke up a few years later. i never got to hear the band play live, but one night the lead singer showed up at an open mike to perform with a friend of his, and i requested one of their songs … he gladly obliged, singing ‘misery’ to an acoustic guitar accompaniment. i was in heaven. when i was in high school , that was one of my favorite songs.

i pulled out my old turntable and played their EP a few weeks ago. now, i can hear the early R.E.M. influence in their songs — especially the unintelligible vocals — but i still dig ’em.

today’s shirt has kurt cobain on it. nothing more really needs to be said.

both t-shirts came from the racks of amused clothing in the village. oh, how i miss working there.