my h00j ch00ns of Y2K1, in no particular order:

jan johnston, ‘flesh’ — grab the DJ tiesto mix for extra uplifting cheesiness

x-press2, ‘smoke machine’ — complete with smoke machine samples!

brancaccio & asher, ‘lovely day’ — the opening track of seb fontaine’s creamfields 2001 set, this is freakin’ quality tuff house

iio, ‘rapture’ — it helps that the lead singer is a fit bird

tall paul vs. INXS, ‘precious heart’ — michael hutchence lives on dancefloors across the globe

placebo, ‘passive aggressive’ — featuring the positive lyrics of the year, ‘concentrate/it’s in your reach’

sound associates, ‘music’ — four on the floor for as long as you can take it

PPK, ‘resurrection’ — the fact that the melody’s swiped from a russian classical work definitely kicks it up a notch

fatboy slim, ‘star 69’ — could someone explain the lyrics ‘they know what is what/but they don’t know what is what/they just strut/what the fuck?’ to me? thanks so much

satoshi tomiie featuring kelli ali, ‘love in traffic’ — sleeeeezy beats are the best beats, especially with a ‘don’t-fuck-with-me!’ female vocalist singing ‘put a gun in my hand and pretend you don’t care/said i’m walkin’ through you, baby, please stay silent’ and ‘i’ve been thinkin’ and drinkin’/that’s why i’m a mess’ … hell of a stormer at any time of day, ‘animal’ — oakey opened probably more than a few of his sets on the area:one tour with this track, and for good reason … this builds up to some epic cheese

riva, ‘stringer’ — even your mom caned this track

way out west, ‘intensify’ — nick warren is hot, that is all

insigma, ‘open your eyes’ — classic hands-in-the-air tune

schiller, ‘das glockenspiel’ — tracks with really weird noises in the middle of the breakdown are cool as hell

the auranaut, ‘people want to be needed’ — i overplayed this almost as much as i did ‘flesh’ … i wish i knew where the sample came from

next year’s resolutions:

i’d like to shrink some.

i’d like to have a plan of study finalized.

i’d like to have a positive work environment.

i’d like to stop being such a scaredy cat.

i’d like to be much less of a drunken bastard.

i’d like to be published again.

i’d like to see the floor.

well, that didn’t last very long. i guess it’s less entertaining the more sober you are … and this year i’m a sober professional walking among drunken amateurs.

having said that, i’ll probably go back in half an hour or so.

right, time to blog in the new year …

in about an hour or so, i’m going to stop decimating the wardrobe pile in order to take in the traditional new year’s eve celebration at the brewpub. i haven’t seen mike kelsey play in ages and ages and ages. hopefully, the drama levels will be low, and the entertainment levels will be turned up to eleven.

if you’re heading out tonight … be careful. i would like to see your IP address again, y’know? 🙂

i don’t post on my days off … i sleep instead.

saturday night’s rock t-shirt is one of my favorites, commemorating a ‘rock against racism’ concert two long-since-dead purdue student organizations held in the union ballrooms on halloween night, 1986. the band that played that night, east of eden, is one of my all-time favorite indiana bands.

they didn’t put out many records: a 7″ under another name, and a vinyl EP titled murder red window. after graduation, the band moved to LA to make it big, never did, and broke up a few years later. i never got to hear the band play live, but one night the lead singer showed up at an open mike to perform with a friend of his, and i requested one of their songs … he gladly obliged, singing ‘misery’ to an acoustic guitar accompaniment. i was in heaven. when i was in high school , that was one of my favorite songs.

i pulled out my old turntable and played their EP a few weeks ago. now, i can hear the early R.E.M. influence in their songs — especially the unintelligible vocals — but i still dig ’em.

today’s shirt has kurt cobain on it. nothing more really needs to be said.

both t-shirts came from the racks of amused clothing in the village. oh, how i miss working there.

today’s music-related t-shirt, sold at shows on the church’s starfish tour, is yet another item of clothing i’ve never worn. if i recall correctly, a high school boyfriend found this at a thrift store and bought it for me. i don’t even want to know how long i’ve had it in my possession.

i do so like boyfriends who are thoughtful enough to buy me stuff that i’ll like … someday.