i feel ancient.

why? because i know an eighteen year old with no knowledge of george harrison.

Josi LLC (3:40:19 AM): george harrison
is dead.

toby (3:40:24 AM): what?!
toby (3:40:35 AM): <- has no idea what you're talking about
Josi LLC (3:40:41 AM): http://www.msnbc.com/news/665318.asp
Josi LLC (3:40:47 AM): he was, like,
famous or something.

reading ‘man dies after long and painful battle with life’ really, really, really gives me hope for the future:

“He tried just about every form of treatment: diet, exercise, rest, therapy, the usual array of drugs and alcohol—you name it,” [some doctor] said. “But he didn’t respond to any of them. Occasionally, there would be a slight reduction in symptoms, but inevitably, hopelessness and demoralization would always set in again.”

screw it, i give up. if i leave campus now, i can make it to the ‘bocker by two …

or not.

thought all-riot-blog was dead and gone? think again, kids, because the purdue research foundation just cut a bunch of checks to enterprising tipsters who gave up intel about, as the press release termed it, ‘an april 1 disturbance on the purdue university campus.’

a disturbance? you call damn kids burning everything in sight a disturbance? fine, be subtle like that. i’m calling it like i see it — and like i saw it that night — straight-up fucking mayhem.