unadulterated quote, from ten seconds ago: ‘so how did you find me? tell me how the fuck did you find me!?!?

i hate shopping in proscribed time windows. it twists me crazy.

reconstructed from an AIM conversation with toby:

yesterday morning, while i was killing time before the interview, i listened to a sample of this mortal coil’s cover of the tim buckley classic ‘song to the siren’ and thought i wonder if there’s a cheesy dance remake of this tune. hey, these lyrics sound familiar! i flipped over to the CD player … and the cheesy dance remake was track 3 on the second disc of perfecto presents another world.

uh, my bad.

‘i’m not an electronic musician. if i tried to do an electronic record people would fucking rake me over the coals and they do anyway. i’ve read reviews that say, ‘oh fuck, he’s dabbling with electronic music. oh shit.”

no, i’m not surprised that mark eitzel is a mac geek. i’ll raise a toast for the man at the weekly celebration of bar vodka, for the summer tour ends tonight at the great american music hall in san francisco.

my imaginary blog-a-thon pre-game show, with apologies to stephon marbury and kevin garnett:

cat: ‘peter’s 25/24 is gonna be phat … but please, no swimsuits.’

jerwin: ‘yeah, and no one-pieces.’

cat: ‘no bikinis.’

jerwin: ‘no thongs.’

cat: ‘none of that.’

[they look at each other and nod.]

both: ‘all nude.’

cat: ‘tastefully done.’

jerwin: ‘but definitely, all nude.’

cat: ‘that’s important.’

jerwin: ‘very important.’

cat: ‘yeah.’

jerwin: ‘to be tasteful.’

[they both wink and click their tongues at you, the blog-a-thon pre-game show viewer.]

also … i have no joke here, i just like saying ‘christ, benjy! did you not notice the ass?’

yup, i need sleep badly.