while i was out making an ill-fated attempt to escape the republic for a more urban climate, i stumbled upon a wedding party that had taken over the riehle plaza parking lot with their limousines. i didn’t get a good look at anyone, but i did notice the bridesmaids’ dresses, a pale shade of blue, were relatively ostentation-free. on the other hand, the bride’s hair was curled and all pinned up, her dress was way-embroidered and had a monster train, etc.

the women noticed some unsavory men leering from one of the depot benches, and decided to bypass walking by them in favor of cutting through the lobby on their way to the pedestrian bridge. so they passed by me instead, an unassuming girl with purple hair, black shiny pants and docs, just waiting for a ride.

… and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. a sudden storm popped up and drenched downtown, because indiana weather is whacked like that.

some time later they returned, a bit worse for wear from the downpour, and piled back into the limos. one of the groomsmen stopped in front of me and pressed something into my hands. ‘here,’ he said.

it was a white rose, the stem closely trimmed, most likely plucked from one of the bridal party’s bouquets moments before. uh, what?
i did remember to say ‘thank you’ before he walked off.

i wasn’t paying attention to much of anything, so i didn’t get more than a cursory look at the guy … tuxedo, brown hair, kinda tall? maybe a buzz cut? like i said, i wasn’t paying attention.

as he left the lobby, i heard one of the other groomsmen say, ‘you’re so romantic, brad.’ awwwwwww.

‘we wanted to get out of chicago early and didn’t have a chance to get to a starbucks there … we saw signs for west lafayette and i said, ‘that’s where purdue is. it’s a college town. there’s got to be a starbucks.”

west lafayette lost its starbucks virginity yesterday morning. yes, i realize that one has been able to get their corporate coffee fix via on-campus vending, bottled frappucinos, and pre-packed roasted whole beans in local groceries for quite some time … but now, there’s a starbucks on the corner of brees way and roebuck drive in wabash landing.

will this lone green bean outpost have a chilling effect on the dozen or so independent coffee shops in the area? possibly. one of the things that this particular starbucks has working against it — even though it’s located in a high-vehicular-traffic area — is the fact that it’s not yet the easiest place to get to if you’re on foot due to ongoing construction. in a year or two, sure. if it was on northwestern avenue in the village, hell yes. but wabash landing?

having said all that … i’ll probably add it to my coffee shop mix for two reasons:

starbucks reminds me of los angeles, and anything that reminds me of los angeles is inherently good [a
those bastards at the starbucks in westwood village addicted me to frappucinos [b

in fact, i think i’ll go get one now.

we’ve changed our tune about summer TV programming. it’s not a hellhole of useless, tossed-off series and reruns. no, it’s a brilliant time to avoid your family.

little billy asks you something that annoying children ask and, before he can finish, you wave an ice-cold beer at him and say, ‘shhhh. I’m watching ‘fear factor.’ go call yourself cathy21 in some chat room and get back to me before bedtime.’

i’d pay good money to see tim goodman in slightly annoyed shorts.

indianapolis star publisher barbara henry blasts NUVO and, for some reason, the poynter institute in an ‘angry’ rebuttal memo regarding the tribune/gannett rumour … and steve hammer cheerfully takes an elephant gun to the inaccuracies in said memo. my, this is getting good.

like i really need more link worship from the drunkatcollege.com party crew. and stop hating on nay so much! i bet she could kick your ass six ways from sunday and not even break a nail. 😀

i don’t understand how my father could have met with a builder, decided on a floorplan and then started construction on a ranch house within a 4 month timespan. furthermore, i don’t understand why this trait has completely failed to filter down to me. this is new home #3 in a decade and a half. good lord, i can’t even imagine … and i’ve been in the first two houses!

expect nothing from me for awhile … tomorrow, i’m headed to chicago to throw myself at seb fontaine’s feet. gotta get the roadtrips in while i still have the chance. nevermind.

chicago radio DJ par excellence johnny mars and XRT have parted ways. chicago hipsters near and far cry into their lattes. i continue to be pissed off at the local cable company for dropping XRT from their cable FM lineup … and i’m probably the only person who cares.

NUVO gadfly steve hammer may or may not have the indiana media scoop of the year: the tribune company is on the verge of buying the indianapolis star and gannett’s other indiana newspaper holdings … including the lafayette journal and courier. is this true? is this complete bullshit? well, now … i think i’ve got a few phone calls to make.

my cow-orker who caught the class of 1939 fountain’s proposed ‘floating cylinder’ on film and subsequently pimped out the pictures to the exponent also scored a photo credit in the journal and courier dead-tree edition’s version of this article about today’s architectural and landscape design and planning committee meeting, at which the ‘floating cylinder’ was discussed.

that committee voted 8-1 in favor of the ‘floating cylinder’ concept, forwarding their recommendation on for consideration by old white men in suits purdue administrators. naturally, WLFI had to do a live shot from the still-not-operational fountain. as the reporter talked about the decision, they displayed pictures of the proposed cylinder … hm, those look familiar.

i knew they were ben’s photographs when the fourth one appeared on the screen: a shot of steve newguy standing next to the cylinder. if steve was a unit of measurement, that cylinder would be 1.7 steves high.

pulling off the media manipulation trifecta is a hard thing to do. he deserves big ups for getting the same picture into all three major media outlets. not bad.

‘i wanted to do away with the histrionic bullshit, away with the melancholy everything … i stopped writing melancholy songs about my life. i had to. i don’t know if that’s because i’m just getting older or i need to find joy in my life.’

it seems like everyone who interviews mark eitzel nowadays is falling over at the electronica aspect of the new record. well, okay.

mark’s right on one point … sometimes you have to walk away from the histrionic bullshit and find some peace, love and happiness.

some of the on-campus readership may have noticed the new font. yes, it’s centaur. typefaces created by purdue graduates rock!

from today’s coeur d’alene press:

“In a nutshell, life was good,” said Don Yasen, sitting on his back porch in Coeur d’Alene with copies of the day’s newspapers on a table in front of him.

The papers held the news that [Kootenai County Coroner Robert] West attributed Corissa [Yasen]’s May 12 death to suicide. West’s preliminary report released Monday said a mix of drugs killed the former Coeur d’Alene High and Purdue University athlete.

He did not elaborate on what evidence led to the suicide ruling.

The news left many in the community shaking their heads. No one seemed to think it possible that a healthy woman with such a bright past and so many plans for the future would kill herself.

Her parents believe it least of all.