‘look, i’m a really emotional person. yes, you can call me depressive, but i don’t want to celebrate it any more.’

the 24/7 lab thing is so over. most of my labs are empty. everyone is either outside studying or fleeing the area. this guy i was going to ask to dinner is leaving the country tomorrow. dammit!

some URLs du jour, mostly from the firefly list:
mark eitzel dreams of being as huge as britney spears?

also, his WFMU radio appearance last week is now available for your listening pleasure.

i can’t think of a better study break than drinking up a ten-spot downstairs making your own mr. men or little miss character.

i knew there was a reason i have a massive crush on san francisco chronicle columnist tim goodman: he’s a eitzel fan!
and he quotes one of my all-time favorite AMC songs at the beginning of a column about why the bay area sucks! and he taunts anti-television crusaders with lines like ‘come close so we can topple our big-screen TV onto your weak back, the one that is attempting to carry us to the promised land of, what?, books and stuff’ and, being a closeted anti-television crusader myself, i think it’s hysterical! and his cranky pants are made of moleskin! swoon.

skafish is still way ahead of his time.

wtf? a purdue MBA is more prestigious than one from harvard business school in the eyes of corporate headhunters? when did this happen?

one more via the fortnight’s officemate: ‘then, a few days later, he sits down on my bed and asks me if I’d ever been ‘pressured into attending a raver party, where kids dance and take party drugs like truck driver, co-pilot, georgia home boy, and doctor.’ it’s like he picked up a health textbook or something. or maybe he found some weird talking-to-your-kids-about-drugs web site.’

today’s ‘this dress fits perfectly now and it frightens me’ poem a day:
at critical mass
now … but soon, all your campus
will belong to me!

friday was one of those screw it, i’m not posting, time to shop days. i went in search of a black jacket and i found it, along with far too many cheesy dance music magazines … and the new 2600. w00t, i have reading material now!

roy destroys. out.

late-but-still-mildly-entertaining poem a day:
breeze from the window
cools me and my battery
operated pal

the first essay was condensed, translated and presented at the end of my last class of the semester. this major accomplishment was celebrated immediately afterwards with creme brulee from the bistro. the worst, thankfully, is over. now i have a week to revise for the final examination.

tonight’s indian fud was taken outside to academy park and devoured. i’m not afraid to lie on the grass.

next year’s purdue convocations sked was released today.
‘STOMP’ is coming back … ‘rent’ and ‘cabaret’ should be good … and i’m geeked about ‘war of the worlds.’ heck, i might even buy tickets in advance.

thought all-riot-blog had died off? nine students have been expelled … so far.

a ‘yay, no more getting up at 11.00 for a whole month!’ poem a day:
a mirrored action
gives me pause. is everything
paralleled? hope not.

kevin has a theory on the next big thing from cupertino that the mac geeks in the readership might find very interesting. meanwhile, the mothership has temporarily halted iBook sales. curious …

an ‘i do not recall how this powerbook got on my bed’ poem a day:
curled up in a ball
fast asleep, the powerbook
goes on without me

still more URL du jour for you, indian fud for me:

yale’s ‘porn ‘n chicken’ group screened a trailer for their homemade pr0n in front of … a merchant/ivory film?

john hockenberry is the coolest newsman on television, no doubt about it. olbermann went back to sports, y’know, so someone had to pick up the slack.

i spent an hour yesterday surfing burning man’s Y2K1 site.

i’d go to vida’s final performance in lafayette … but i’m roadtripping to a boatmen gig instead.

another conversation i’m jealous that i will never have:

‘… i told the powers that be that my priorities were getting an HR position at apple. so guess who leaves me a message on my cellphone? you guessed it. ‘shannon, this is steve. so i hear that i’m second in line for HR positions here at apple. call me on the cell.’ heh.’ [ernie’s friend shannon]

‘it’s steve jobs. and you have his cellphone number.’ [ernie, insanely dazed]

‘you get hotter and hotter each time i see you!’

yet more URL du jour for you, three more essays for me:
i’m not much of an uncle tupelo/son volt fan, but the jay farrar ascetic lifestyle home page and discussion forum is funny enough …

decent RHP/kozelek profile from the webzine
basement life

this ‘a night at the raves’ quiz made me laugh. vomiting improves an ecstasy trip? what?

if there’s new neal pollack on mcsweeney’s, then what are you doing here? go! now! …

finally, i have nothing more to say here, i just like quoting the edgy grey lady: ‘having sex in the back of a car does not necessarily mean helping [singapore] to improve its demographic profile by having babies.’

an ‘i can’t leave my office even if i tried’ poem a day:
ridges of time served
disparaging? i doubt it
you’re still beautiful