quick random unexplained haiku:

kill me, kill me now
before i smash another
fragile piece of glass

in the back of my mind, i suspect psychoexgirlfriend.com is a massive publicity stunt. the mp3s contained on the site slay me! i’m all about the schadenfreude. ‘are you gonna be a happy boy, then?’

right, leaving, mean it this time, etc.

‘people in indiana think it’s a birthright. it’s a way of life. it’s a community-supported, community-spirited situation … we get people from all over the country and all over the world who come and visit the [indiana basketball] hall of fame. they know indiana for three things — the 500-mile race, corn and basketball. i would say that’s a pretty good description.’

why the NCAA women’s basketball tournament was even staged this year, i’ll never know. the ‘committee’ should have sent everyone else home and let purdue and notre dame battle it out in a best-of-seven ‘arch madness’ series. if you like the indiana basketball, or if you like the women’s basketball, do check out the cream of the crop sunday night on the mothership.

tomorrow’s lab close will be verrrrrrry entertaining, especially if peacekeeping forces in full riot gear get in the way of my great justice! ERRRRR my work.

purdue all-american guard-forward katie douglas’ weblog espn.com player diary is well worth checking out. she’s an engaging writer who just happens to have mad basketball skillz. her game ‘do is a bit out there … on the other hand, using radical hair styles and drum circles as motivational tools is pretty fresh.

also, breakout freshman point guard erika valek’s latest game diary for the J&C makes mention of the drumming and the dancing the team engages in before/after games. the lady boilermakers have your ‘big dance’ right here!, etc.

did i mention i destroyed the two-player field in the espn.com women’s division of the keith olbermann invitational NCAA tournament pool? when in doubt, go with the high seeds and always bet on gold and black.

and now, the weekly shopping therapy ritual time is upon me …

i use an ‘internal’ clock — not the biological one, mind you, i stopped listening to that a long time ago — to tell time, since i don’t wear a watch. sure, i use digital timepieces in the palace, and i’ll glance at computer timeclocks as i’m rolling through labs to make sure i’m still on schedule … but personally i don’t believe in being a slave to a clock.

this afternoon, i was three-quarters asleep when i realized that someone was coming over after 14.00 to pick up one of my futon frames. sigh … what time is it, quarter to two? i rolled over, peeked through the blinds at the courthouse … and sure enough, the big hand was on the IX, the little hand was almost over the II.

… and i went back to sleep. i figured he wouldn’t be by until 16.00 … and i was right.

those of you waiting for brand-new downbeat, take heart: i have a huge journalblog entry in the works, and two whole days to work on it … at least, i’ll be working on it when i’m not watching basketball. the purdue lady boilermakers gotcher ‘arch angels’ right here!

resume’s away. the next set of decisions are not mine to make. things are still not okay … but soon, one way or another, change will occur. and change is almost never bad.

the scariest sentence i’ve read this week: we support all software used by our faculty and staff in their academic and research endeavors. all?!?!?!!?!!? even tinyfugue … even microemacs … even pom? you’ve got to be kidding me. alternate answer: that’s one hell of a challenge … wonder if i’m up for it …

there will be a quiet period, now. mollie’s taking a break as well. i could use some ice cream, lisa gerrard’s duality on infinite autorepeat, and a long nap on fresh sheets.

i scored a powerbook 5300c for a bill and change today. oh my is it ever lovely. the previous owner fed it a steady diet of electrical engineering arcana. i intend to feed it bad poetry.

meanwhile, in the people’s republic of berkeley, benjy attempted to install OS X on his office powermac G4 yesterday
and, uh, Bad Things happened.

damn, women’s final four tickets sold out in less than three hours. arch madness, ahoy!

this means nothing if you’re not on campus: vote ticket #1, and vote ‘no’ on the PSG referendum. that is all.

have a tiny URL du jour:
jon haddock’s ‘screenshots’ disturbed me. this is a good thing. go be disturbed. [via little yellow different]

after bitching on post-SURVIVORblog 2 about not finding simple black sheets at da mawl, jason fed me a link to gothic martha stewart. looking through that, i stumbed over the alt.gothic.fashion FAQ, and that reminded me to dig up the link for corporate goth

overhead in the lab cluster:
‘are there any labs with those computers?’ [some girl, pointing at PC]
‘you mean the IBMs?’ [lab assistant]
‘i dunno, just those kind …’ [some girl, still pointing at PC]