mother nature to billg: all your conference speeches are belong to us

microsoft ubergeek bill gates was speaking at an edu/tech conference in seattle when the earthquake hit …
and a local seattle TV station got the aftermath on tape.

according to c|net, ‘he calmly walked off the stage as audience members scrambled for the exits.’ drat.

tonight’s editions of ‘newschannel 18’ were chock full of small-town goodness. they picked up the all-windler-blog baton, giving him a quote or two of shrub-speech-reax run … pointless close-ups of downtown bon vivants burnsy & klink during a boring redevelopment committee meeting … and the second installment of ‘zeman rules,’ a profile of laura zeman, the county judge some members of the community love to hate.

the little details i picked out during the story had me rolling — the ricky martin album cover sitting on a shelf in zeman’s office, prosecutor jerry bean’s ‘I GO 4 IU’ vanity license plate, recognizing a pipe room customer during one of the this-is-how-she-regulates segments — but what really hit home was this phrase she has posted on her office door.

‘this is a problem that you have created and it is your problem to solve!’

tell it, sister! preach on!

in other news, brand new herbert kornfeld in this week’s issue of the onion completely fails to suck, yo.

WPIX has introduced ‘air 11’, the nation’s first
all-digital TV news helicopter that can beam pictures from as far as 100 miles away … air 11, according to WPIX
engineers, virtually eliminates most of the breakup and picture instability inherent in aerial TV news photography.
‘with air 11, you can see drivers’ hand signals on the road from 3,000 feet above the ground,’ says WPIX engineering
director mike gano. air 11 uses COFDM digital technology [don’t ask] to get its clear picture. says WPIX VP/GM betty
ellen berlamino: ‘we will be satisfied with nothing less than total air supremacy. our viewers demand it.”

i have no joke here, i just like saying TOTAL AIR SUPREMACY! LIVE LOCAL LATEBREAKING! [link via shoptalk via the new york post]

another random unexplained haiku from earlier this afternoon:

dressed to impress me
‘here, baby, let me do that’
pin clasp, sharp intake

after class, i headed to the most-favored-CD-store to pick up the godspeed you black emperor! album they’d been holding, and discovered that they had a copy of the second mark kozelek solo album waiting for me as well. yay!

i poked around, looking for the new duncan sheik, but didn’t find it. the ecko-and-baseball-cap guy behind the counter said their new releases CD shipment was all hozed this week; lots of stuff didn’t come in, and they didn’t have enough copies of the new dave matthews band on hand for their midnight sale so they sold out with the quickness. but i was surprised to find one copy of the i-thought-it-was-coming-out-next-week john digweed in LA 2CD set sitting in the dance section, and grabbed that instead.

i ran into matt at the video store; we chatted for a bit about bad horror movies and fantagraphics titles i flipped through when i was shopping in chicago and what have you. it had been awhile. it was good to see him again. he’s a reminder of another timeline i occasionally flip in and out of.

… which i slipped into again when i decided i had enough free time to spend on a visit to amused. mr. bob &c had just gotten back from the MAGIC/the edge fashion convention in vegas/an impromptu california & oregon roadtrip, and were pretty geeked about it. i flipped through racks of new men’s shirts, checked out the reconfigured used clothing section, marveled at the newly rearranged pipe room & skate area, etc. the store looks really sharp now; they did a great job fixing the place up. i’m jealous. i would so work there now … oop, i forgot, i quit almost a year ago! i thought it was a good idea at the time …

two more long-neglected features return … but there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in writing an all-windler-blog entry when he only got two quotes in a J&C story about the power shift in the tippecanoe county democratic party.

so, instead, here’s some random unexplained haiku:

snowy december
scruffy and unkempt, for now
soon you will be clear

there’s a macintosh users’ group at purdue? whoa, dude.
the links page alone had me salivating for a refurbished iMac SE … must … resist …

and today just keeps getting better: matador records is unleashing the brand new mark eitzel opus in early may … just in time for finals week!

this spring is shaping up to be a rockin’ good time for new choons: duncan sheik’s ‘i drank too much whiskey and played all my nick drake albums and then i recorded an album that fails to suck’ CD is coming out tomorrow … global underground 019: john digweed in los angeles drops next week … the long-delayed red house painters album, old ramon, is less than two months away from a sub pop release … and i think all of ’em are gonna tour! RHP and/or eitzel in chicago is gonna rule all. i’m so there, and so clearing my social calendar as we speak …