i have a quiz tomorrow? great.
my birthday is sunday? great.
the parentals are visiting the republic this weekend? great.

right now, i would lose my head if it wasn’t attached to — waitwaitwait, where did it go? dammit!

the only thing making it all bearable is the nightly chilling over maza plates and tiramisu at the adultery cafe and grill. slow dinners are the best dinners.

one way would be to just go ahead and keep on hanging around with no one
another way would be to just sit and think but that’s no fun
one way would be to finally decide to ask her but asking would take so long
another way would be to recognize what’s wrong with everything

a snippet of intellectual conversation from last night’s celebration of bar gin downstairs:

‘did you make out with him at the end of the evening?’ [some guy]
‘uh, no.’ [me]
‘then it wasn’t a date.’ [some guy]

i’m overplaying my boatmen CDs this week. women were screaming for buddy holly and dancing like fools saturday night. that was so damn cool.

i do not [heart] printers that can’t detect their paper trays correctly.

so very zoned and tired. and i’m almost out of cigarettes, too.

i’ve been counting the number of people wearing i agree with matt t-shirts. monday’s total: six.

exponential for tuesday will turn up eventually. i know, i know. i should just give up now.

this afternoon, i happenstanced across a brilliant, lovely, completely unexpected piece of information. it was tasty, it was sweet, and i can’t do a damn thing with it. stumbling upon something that random is just … off-putting? funny? thought-provoking? it had me puzzling off and on all day. eventually, i decided that the best thing to do with this morsel is nothing at all. the desire to mess with that particular timestream is pretty low, considering …

i’ve left behind the vast, barren creepiness of south campus for stewart center. i cannot wait to close showcase tonight. tee-hee.

while on my way to stewart center this afternoon, i spotted jim, my email pal, heading out of his office for home. in person, he cuts quite the figure: impossibly tall, black hair with stripes of gray in the very front, rail thin, collarless shirts and skinny ties. the tall-dark-and-mouthy type. i was so into that once.

he didn’t see me pop out of the lab; furthermore, he was moving away from me at a good clip. i didn’t say anything. i just let him go.

exponential? maybe. depends on how i’m feeling after the weekly celebration of bar vodka downstairs.

i skipped class today. everyone skipped class today.

if performing sex acts with another woman on camera gave [this particular yale co-ed] little pause, the inanity of her dialogue did.

‘i’m actually very embarrassed by the cheesy lines and bad dialogue like ‘i’m willing to do anything to get into this society.”

when i think of yale, the first thing that comes to mind is not ‘sophisticates’ and fried chicken.