we can’t afford the time to sit and cry/or to wonder why

there’s only days in between/there’s just tomorrow

when i came home wednesday morning, there was a memo from the leasing manager slipped under my door;
inspection time again. blah. that meant i had to clean.

woke up thursday afternoon, uh, late-ish … and they came around to ‘inspect’ just as i was finishing my scrub-up. i let them in, waved my hands as if to say i am not awake, do whatever you want, then went back to messing with my hair. they left, and i was pulling on my coat when there was another knock at the door … it was the maintenance guy, bearing a package. the camera! but i had no time to deal with it, so it was tossed on the entryway table and left for later.

as i was bustling through the republic, some car honked at me … by the time i woke up enough to stop, i discovered it was dear fergus, and he was heading over to the westside too! how convienent. i was amused by the spago matchbook on his dashboard. he said paul probably left it there.

~14.45 i was on campus, still not awake, desiring tea & snacks … so i headed for the old standby, the LAEB basement vending machine sprawl. since classes had just gotten out, there were gazillions of people in the main hallway … then i looked to my right, my eyes came upon two guys chatting away by the water fountain and i thought i recognized one of them … but i heard the elevator chime and my feet carried me forward, sailing into an waiting car. the door had already shut on the bustle of the main floor before it really registered … that was him, wasn’t it? can’t be … i’m hallucinating, i’m two-thirds asleep … what? no! well, why wouldn’t it be? … i’m tired, it’s too early in the morning for this … my coat smells like cigarettes. mommy? the elevator chimed again, and opened on the seventh floor. oops.

i hit the B button, then leaned against the wall and closed my eyes as the doors shut.

yet more hit-n-run exponential:

that one PSG proposal got smacked down, the editorial board piled on, and a few letter writers took some jabs as well … no big surprises there.

the men’s basketball team was 0wned by virginia, while the women’s basketball team lost a player. oh, and drew brees is resting.

one floor above me tonight, a bunch of purdueaffiliated authors assembled to give a talk on the mad fun that is being a published author, sponsored by the society of professional journalists.

speaking of ‘professional journalists,’ any layout person with half a brain would have put this tongue shot above
the fold on the front page … but the ‘exponent’ put it right on the fold! buuuuuuuh?

grrrrr, i just remembered i had a dream to blog …

it was a half webcam-images/half real-time … there was a sweet,
fair-haired woman who took issue with many of the things i did … and a downbeat, dark-haired man who did not. i remembered what happened right after i woke up, but now? no …

i got some of it back as i drifted off … i was in a building called whistler hall that had really thin
strips of windows and banks of computers cube farmed off. there was an apartment building nearby;
all the rooms were tiny, barely enough room for beds and bookshelves and desks. the jim rome show was blaring from a radio somewhere. everything was painted beige. i couldn’t find some of my clothing for the longest time. the sweater he was wearing was so soft.

work has been keeping me busy. plus, i broke down and moved the PC at home out of mr. moon’s final abode into the bedroom … then discovered i didn’t have enough phone cord. that knocked me off-line for about a day. plus, i like to sleep. less of me and more of you is a good thing.

those rat bastards at WLFI just blew away http://www.wlfitv18.com! i called the newsroom to whine … and they didn’t have an answer for me, but they gave me a name of someone to call tomorrow …

non-traditional exponential:
someone at the paper felt strongly enough about some alumnae being hired as a nuclear engineering professor … that the story was
placed above the fold. meanwhile, another story about a new club at purdue completely fails to give the name of said club.

in ‘greeks vs. GDI’ news, some PSG gadfly proposed a bill that ‘calls for a withdrawal of official recognition … and expulsion from purdue’ of the greek system. needless to say, other PSG
types are not down. there’s also
a feature story on the east coast v. west coast reamer/gimlet beef.

finally, nate cross alienates all four of his readers by telling them to stop reading the exponent in class and pay attention for a change!

‘you have people who have broken the law, people who are going thorugh divorces and trying to get child support. you have hurt people coming to that office.’

‘newschannel 18’ finally jumped on the ecstasy shock shock horror horror bandwagon yesterday … but what was the rationale behind ending the 11 o’clock broadcast with a story on the winstar airship?

and then they led tonight’s 6 o’clock broadcast with the shocking news that kathleen hudson is considering running for county clerk in two years!