Josette: i am the serene highness of haters

i so totally love the term ‘haters’ now. it fits my worldview completely.

right, bedtime … busybusy day ahead, and haters like me need their beauty rest …

Josette: dammit, i’m never wearing 200 rubber bracelets at the same time again

i learned how to work the CD burner! how in the fuck did that happen?

once i escaped campus, it was time to amble over to yet another house party … except this time it was fuck-all out by happy hollow. i was afraid it had been busted, but when i finally found 241, i was pleased to discover that the party was very stealth [the DJs were in a basement, the house was well sound-proofed, etc].

when i finally got downstairs, melville jenkins was spinning the jungle, the kids were all into it, and
it was alllllllllllll good. i ran into furball and he mentioned some drama with NSA that i’d missed …
it sounded well below average. tim krutz threw
down some fucking hard-assssssss house the last half of his set. diego was in rare form,
spinning in a golfer’s hat & mirrorshades at one point. that man moves around so much behind the
decks it’s scary. and the jungle he wove was nice and funny and fast!

then, it was time for the fur … and it was fucking awesome. tee-hee, you haters!
fur destroyed, and you missed it! i danced so hard my black rubber bracelets were slick with sweat.
i danced so hard my downbeat worldview fell away. i danced so hard i went five years into the future. terror has a good beat, and you can dance to it!

propz to whirl for the bust-free party … it was outstanding.

‘by the way, welcome to a very special edition of syntax.’

the marc v. fur tag-team set on syntax is totally destroying everything in its path. bow down! i want an mp3 of this, stat!