i was going to dye my hair bright red, but after talking to some people, i decided it wasn’t such an outstanding idea after all. plus, i realized two hours later that crimson was that other school’s color.

i’m slipping in my old age.

did the usual brad-at-the-‘bocker thing tonight. i was most amused watching rex whip around from talking to me about american league baseball to trying to bag-n-tag some random blonde chick. i still can’t believe he didn’t close the deal!

picked up a mixin’ marc CD at von’s, and convinced brad to play it … niiiiiiice hard nasty techno. the kids loved it! definitely a good purchase. it’ll be in the discman all weekend long.

‘i don’t know where Josette is … she seems to travel in the shadows’

that journo fashion spread in ‘W’ got a bunch of ink from some new york times scribe. and in another mild surprise, one of the people in the spread is, i’m pretty sure, the same guy that interviewed me about my grrl-on-the-net experiences for mademoiselle, back when i was still living in LA.

i don’t remember if i made it into the article or not. you’d think i would recall something like that.

still in midair, still sick and disoriented, but the wild pitching and yawing has stopped. he can make out shapes and shadow. how quickly one adjusts to terrifying new physics.

i did the MATH-to-downtown walk in 30 minutes, a new record. considering i was pushing myself at the beginning AND at the end of the route, i wasn’t too surprised. at least the wabash landing people were nice enough to finish their sidewalks first; that’s more than i can say for the INDOT slackers still banging away at the never-ending 231 project.

i was nudged into working this weekend because i’m a sucker for money. an extra bill in the bank account each pay period is always fresh, and what else am i going to do on the weekends? shop? patronize local dining establishments? clean?


‘drew can’t print! drew can’t print! drew can’t print! drew can’t print!’

way too much exertion is going on here. however, i did nail my time window. having a plan is a beautiful thing. of course, now i’m tired, and there’s a long walk ahead of me.

oh, and that picture of anderson is niiiiiiiiiice … good enough that i didn’t even look at the cover
price of the magazine. still haven’t. it doesn’t matter, i got my employee discount on it. 🙂

i wonder if he thinks i’m kidding when i make off-handed cracks about ‘spending
most of the evening avoiding my cow-orkers,’ but if it brings out a smile then i know my material’s good for something.

if only i were blind to your selfish fling
and your desperate cause
and didn’t press you for the details
that threaten my physical flaws

i’m tired. jim woke me up far, far too early. typical tuesday surliness ensued. i guess that won’t be
happening again, like, ever. oh well!

someone on the gunmetalgrey list said that anderson is in the latest issue of ‘W’ modeling prada. this i gotta see …

“I once heard [bill] say ‘whenever I think life sucks, I just think about 1993′”

i dreaded leaving the relative safety of the republic for the not-so-tranquil purdue campus, but then
my fears were swept away by the prospect of work, and the complete lack of strategizing, and windows
of opportunity that needed to be acted upon and acted upon yesterday. so i did that instead,
and i felt slightly better for it.